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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is the new software product, comprising high performance, updated interface and a number of creative capabilities. This release is a time-proved application used by video editors. Premiere Pro CS6 is an irreplaceable tool for editing videos.
This release has many significant improvements and new features. The first one is the redesigned user interface. The developers created the new editing workspace. Now, it has bigger Source and Program monitors. The designers can easily view high-definition video files in the workspace.
Program and Source monitors were also changed. Now, they are more customizable. This edition has the new customizable button bar, pop-up menu, and setting button.
The project panel was also redesigned. There were added several new options like clip thumbnails, a new usage icon for navigating to clips, the Clip Playhead and Mark In and Out points.
The new Timecode panel also simplifies the working process of video editors. It shows the oversized timecode.
The Dropped Frame Indicator is one more improvement of this release. This option allows developers to display an icon, which shows the user if the frame is being dropped during playback. Each video editor will benefit using this feature.
The developers of this release also worked on the workflow of the app. They added many improvements that will definitely influence the workflow of any user. The enhancements of the Adobe Mercury Transmit option give access to CUDA acceleration.
Now, it is also possible to ingest clips using Adobe Prelude. It is so easy to bring any data from this app to Adobe Premiere Pro.
Multicam improvements will definitely influence the result of your work. The users of this release can use more than just four camera angles in editing. Due to this enhancement, the process of creation multicam sequences is faster and easier.
The developers also added several new features for selecting edit points. The new trim Mode offers a capability to show outgoing and income frames inside the program monitor.
Clip markers also underwent significant changes. They were improved with a number of color labels. The users of this edition can see all existing clip markers in the Markers panel.
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Edit faster with a highly intuitive editing toolset
Work in real time
Streamline production with broad support for file-based workflows
Harness industry-leading performance
Increase efficiency with timesaving editing features
Get a powerful set of creative tools
Manage projects, sequences, and clips efficiently
Gain precise audio control
Save time with unparalleled Adobe integration
Collaborate through third-party workflow integration
Produce better output faster with Adobe Media Encoder
Benefit from an end-to-end metadata workflow
Deliver engaging experiences practically anywhere

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