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Autodesk AutoCAD 2021

Autodesk AutoCAD 2021

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AutoCAD represents a computer-aided design (CAD) software, which is widely used by engineers, architects, and construction designers and specialists who aim to generate accurate 2D and 3D drawings. AutoCAD contains special features based on industry standards as well as smart objects for mechanical engineering, architecture, electrical design, and other related works. AutoCAD is widely accepted, recognized and utilized engineering software that is well-known for its stability, ease of use and precision in delivery of engineering tasks regardless of challenges and complexity.

The new feature of Drawing History drastically enhances the entire workflow, providing the insights on drawings evolution created by the engineer. At last, DWG Compare feature has become available for external references (Xrefs) included in the drawing. The performance of graphics has also been improved significantly. Besides that, now engineer has the privilege to remain connected to the key block content anywhere and at all times.

Besides that, the brand-new integration of AutoCAD with Google Drive considerably improves the work process by providing freedom to save and access the working files anytime and anywhere, as well as ability to open DWG files stored in Google Drive straight from the AutoCAD web application via Autodesk ID authorization. In addition, AutoCAD subscribers have been provided with an option to save and edit working files back to their respective Google Drive storages, allowing clients to do the work from any location, as long as there is stable Internet connection. Additional feature includes the ability to edit, view and save DWG files and Xrefs via Autodesk’s cloud by using AutoCAD mobile and web applications.

The Blocks palette has undergone some enhancements as well and now provides you with ability to sync latest blocks of a drawing directly to your cloud storage and access them later from your desktop or web-based account. You can maintain efficiency while inserting blocks from the Libraries tab on desktop as well as in the web version of AutoCAD software.

Of course, the graphics performance has also been relooked by the leading specialists of our company and impresses quite significantly. Zoom, pan and orbit are smoother and quicker in real time with help of multi-core processors. During zooming and panning in 2D, AutoCAD automatically completes regeneration operations in order to generate a smoother and faster experience. 3D orbit, zoom and pan operations have also become more responsive, mostly when it comes to complex 3D models, thanks to multi-core processors.

Moreover, the enhancements of security are quite impressive as well, thanks to the utilization of third-party audits, which have allowed to carry out internal testing. The AutoCAD Security team proceeds with evaluation of AutoCAD products vs continuously evolving threats and maintains complete adherence to existing standards as well as best practices.

What's new

Drawing history

Xref compare

Blocks palette

Performance enhancements

AutoCAD on any device

Cloud storage connectivity

Quick measure

Enhanced DWG compare

Purge redesign

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