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Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2021

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2021

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AutoCAD Mechanical Toolset

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AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 Description

AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 version aims towards simplification of the whole sophisticated process of mechanical design to aid during development and revision of drawings in a quicker manner.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 version offers a diversified set of modifications included based on feedbacks from customers, as well as various surveys, and also analytical summaries. A number of new features enhance and streamline regularly utilized features by majority of users and disciplines.
First of all, the welding symbol has undergone modifications in AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 version to be able to comply with the newest ISO and DIN standard revisions (ISO 2553:2013 and DIN EN ISO 2553:2014). The revisions contain the changes of the supplementary as well as elementary symbols, and also the fresh weld notation (distance measured between 2 points). In addition, the multi-reference line support has also been included in AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 version to boost the overall performance.

The support of latest ISO and DIN standard revisions provides users with option of annotation of documents that have been created in AutoCAD Mechanical with application of the newest revisions related to the standards of welding. Even though, users are able to utilize the newest revisions for new documents, AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 is still able to maintain the legacy revisions, which provides with ability to open, edit and save documents created with help of previous releases.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2021 contains latest DIN and ISO standard revisions, which have already become the default standards applied to any new drawing. Once a legacy drawing is opened, the default standard will be replaced with the old standard revision. The standard revision can still be changed in the Options dialog box.

The new revisions are accessible now from the Weld Symbol Settings dialog box with the corresponding backing and welding symbols being included in the Symbol filter list. Besides that, all properties of weld symbols are available and can be altered via the Properties palette. Moreover, all icons of frequently used palettes and dialog boxes have undergone improvement to be able to support 4K resolution and display the best contrast. The symbol corresponding to surface texture remains associated once a drawing is re-opened after being saved to older format. In addition, any modifications performed in the dynamic blocks get immediately displayed in the drawing for an easier reference and tracking. The welding symbol geometry does not display any changes anytime the edit operation gets cancelled, which smoothens the design process. Moreover, the entire content can undergo editing with help of the family table without resulting in errors. 

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