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Autodesk Inventor 2018

Autodesk Inventor 2018

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Autodesk is a top-ranked leader in development of applications for engineering, architecture, construction and manufacturing having more than 9 million subscribers all over the world. Autodesk Inventor 2018 is computer-aided design software for creating 3-dimensional digital prototypes used in design, simulation and visualization of products. The tools of this software provide a full cycle of creating construction documentation. The new edition of this flagship mechanic and engineering design package of 2018 was built to improve project workflows and increase performance as well as to expand interoperability with new professional-grade features.
Model-based definitions
Engineering details including tolerance dimensions and manufacturing notes can be added directly to the 3D model with the tool of 3D annotations. The Tolerance Advisor browser checks the health of tolerance schemes and provides users with a list of potential problems and errors. Also, applied 3D Annotations and model-based definitions can be easily recovered in 2D drawing or exported in a 3D PDF.
Improved performance
The design process is accelerated now with faster graphics interaction and faster opening time of large files. A delay added to the view update while editing scales allows entrance to a new scale without view reacting to every number entered. Inventor 2018 delivers fast working with large assembly drawings.
Expanded Interoperability
The software provides new capabilities for engineering professionals working with a variety of design information. Support for displaying mesh objects allows to dimension, annotate and participate the objects in all view types.
Enhanced Shrinkwrap tools provide improved workflow and give users more control. Besides, improved BIM Content allows publishing directly to Revit (.rfa) and IFC file formats.
Expanded AnyCAD lets you work with other subscribers who have earlier of later versions of Autodesk Inventor improving collaboration.
The Experience of Subscribers
The developers of Inventor 2018 keep focusing on customers’ requests, ideas and feedbacks. User-driven improvements enhance model interaction and core workflows. Some options and commands were added based on subscribers’ direct feedbacks, including Chamfer, Extrude, Assembly Interference Analysis and Hole. On top of that, such commands as Browser and Measure are refreshed to provide a more feature rich experience.
Greatly simplified measure tools improve the productivity of workflows giving an opportunity to use a single measure command and perform all measure operations, display rich data for each selection with one click, calibrate angles and identify measure selections in the graphics window with ease.
New exciting browser tools save time letting users find things quickly with the new option of search in the current document. Each tab can be moved and docked in accordance with your preferred way of working.

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