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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2021

Autodesk Inventor Professional 2021

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Detailed Autodesk Inventor 2021 Pro Overview

Detailed overview of the newest version of Autodesk Inventor 2021 Professional with summary of latest technologies applied, description of newest important features and key enhancements over previous versions.

Autodesk Inventor 2021 version contains multiple of updates coming from user comments and modifications to assist in speeding up the design workflows, lessen tasks repetition, and enhance overall experiences to allocate more focus and time on innovation and design itself.
In 2021 version Inventor continues provision of professional level functionalities to allow a more productive work and efficient performance to cater for continuously increasing size and complexity of designs.

Autodesk Inventor 2021 expands AnyCAD functionality for Revit in order to assist manufacturers from construction industry to coordinate and collaborate throughout BIM projects more efficiently. Sheet formats and iLogic simplify the automation process of the drawings creation to CAD standards. Multiple fixes for stability and overall quality improvement make Inventor 2021 more reliable and user-friendly even for the most challenging tasks.

Performance and productivity have undergone enhancements in the new version as well to allow the software deal successfully with bigger and more complex projects and designs. Inventor 2021 contains the following list of improvements of workflows:
  • Changes of visibility status have become faster with help of select or saved views.

  • Quicker response of Inventor when multiple components are selected simultaneously with component filtering or windows selection.

  • Faster changes of visibility, whenever visibility of components gets flipped directly or via saved views.

  • Improvements of performance during sub-assemblies insertion.

A number of productivity improvements were included for frame generator and contain new category filter, file naming, editing options and others. Continuous enhancements were done to the dialog responsible for file naming, which provides a more accurate control of naming schemes for all existing components inside frame generator. A new feature allows setting the component’s file name to match the display name inside the browser. A fresh Category filter allows streamlining identified selection during the process of frames creation, while Pre-sets aid in saving the most commonly utilized frame settings for future use. Geometry is available for filtering from the property panel, and a new preview glyph aids in frame orientation during skeleton geometry selection. Fresh zoom tools assist in view adjustments to be perpendicular to the frame manipulator or to a close-up isometric view available inside the frame manipulator. Once the adjustments are complete, user can zoom back to initial view. The Trim/Extend command is available now to remove members from a curved face.

The Unwrap command has been further improved in Inventor 2021 and is provides results alignment with the Model, or XY, XZ, YZ planes. Besides that, now user is able to select multiple planar holes to stay Rigid.

Property panels are being continuously expanded to other Inventor zones to provide more flexibility. 2021 version allows application of the streamlined property panel workflow in Coil, Bend, Copy Object, Combine, Delete Face, Decal, Thicken/Offset, Split, as well as all commands of frame generator.

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Inventor AnyCAD for Revit

Drawing automation

Frame Generator enhancements

Part modeling improvements

Assembly modeling improvements

Drawing creation improvements

Inventor experience

Performance improvements

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