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Pixologic ZBrush 2021

Pixologic ZBrush 2021

System Requirements:
  • OS 64-bit editions of Windows Vista or newer. (32-bit operating systems are no longer supported.)
  • CPU Core2duo or AMD equivalent with SSE2 technology or better.
  • RAM 4 GB (6+ GB strongly recommended)
  • HDD 8 GB of free hard drive space for ZBrush and its scratch disk.
  • Pen Tablet Mouse or Wacom compatible (WinTab API) pen tablet.
  • Monitor 1280x1024 monitor resolution with 32-bit color.
  • Video card Most cards manufactured 2008 or newer. Must support OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

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English, 中文, français, Deutsch, 日本語, 한국어, español
Available: 50+

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Pixologic ZBrush 2021 is a three-dimensional modeling software. This program makes it much easier for you to create the 3D objects as it models the process of sculpting a 3D sculpture, powered by a real-time 3D rendering engine. Pixologic ZBrush allows you not only to sculpt three-dimensional objects, but also to paint them, drawing strokes with depth, as well as automatically affix shadows and highlights.
Buy Pixologic ZBrush 2021 at the lowest price to use to create excellent 3D objects in the shortest possible time. But what innovations await users in this version of the program.

Pixologic ZBrush 2021 Features:

Dynamics system

Improve your sculpting process with Dynamics. It allows you to compress, expand, inflate any surface under the influence of gravity. Now it is even easier to create realistic fabric folds on any planes.

Controlled fabric modeling

Dedicated brushes that use the Dynamics engine help you to interact with the surface of the fabric. You can choose the location of the folds, any of their geometry, freely move the folds in the workspace and create them in real time. The ClothTwister brush simulates a curled fabric. ClothWind is directional movement. ClothPinchTrails will create a seam from the fabric.

Snapshot3d add-ons

Spotlight Snapshot 3D now treats color as a polygroup. Now you can apply color to the areas that you selected and isolated, for example, when creating clothes. These areas can then be quickly hidden and removed using Dynamics.


More performance improvements have now been added to ZBrush. It is worth noting the increase speed in all sectors. Also, the response time with high poly model is faster.


New features have been added to the ZModeler brush system. Now you can use Equidistant Inset and Extrude Edge to work with polygons.

iMage3D in GIF and PNG formats

Check out the iMage 3D format. With it, you can display your 3D model and a picture of your work in a GIF or PNG file, and then share it with others. This file can be placed on any website, where it will be displayed as a regular 2D image. And if you open this file in ZBrush, you can edit the complete model with all its supporting tools.

Thanks to the capabilities of Pixologic ZBrush, you can work with standard three-dimensional objects, using brushes to modify the geometry of materials and textures. The ability to use HDRI environments gives the finished images the highest level of realism. The main feature of Pixologic ZBrush is the DynaMesh modeling process, which allows you not to worry about the topology and automatically rebuild the model as you edit it.

Order Pixologic ZBrush 2021 at best deal on to enjoy the process of sculpting an entire structure, as well as building digital sculptures in this program. Bring your 3-D design ideas to life with the powerful tools of this program that is used by beginners and professionals in the field of building objects of various types of complexity.

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