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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2021

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2021

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AutoCAD Architecture Toolset

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AutoCAD Architecture 2021 Description

AutoCAD Architecture 2021 version has undergone a number of enhancements based on feedbacks provided by users, conducted surveys, and analytical data, which is aimed towards efforts prioritization. A number of new features have been included to enhance and streamline frequently used functions by various user disciplines.

AutoCAD Architecture 2021 user interface has been optimized to be suitable for high-resolution displays and provide scale in accordance with Curtain Wall, Wall Style, Plumbing Line, Callout, MvPart and Cable Tray dialog boxes while catering for any increases the text size by user through Windows display properties.

Besides that, AutoCAD Architecture 2021 has been significantly updated to get an overall new look in response to various user comments, and got an enhanced crispness as well as clarity for its dark theme. The improvements have been done to dark as well as light theme. The overall background and icon colours have undergone modifications to display a sharper contrast without interfering with the main drawing area, which most of the time has the main focus.

The latest version of AutoCAD Architecture includes 175 new MVBlocks and includes block references for metric and Imperial units in Design Centre. The updated content contains Furnishing, Plumbing Fixtures, Parking, Equipment, Lighting, Food Service, Sustainable Design, and others.

User is provided with flexibility to alter the length of arc chord for a chosen revision cloud object with Properties palette (shortcut menu), or with a new command (REVCLOUDPROPERTIES). This command is also responsible for updating other features, like colour and layer in the revision cloud. The highlighted differences can be imported directly from the compared drawing in the existing drawing.

The key improvement of the Compare feature includes the ability to directly compare and check the changes done to the drawing file being attached inside the existing drawing in a form of external reference (Xref). Any variations of the referenced or compared drawing are displayed via revision clouds.

The migration process of drawings from previous releases is now accompanied in the command line by warning signs to notify about incomplete synchronization. A keynote feature can be included after migration of settings from earlier releases is completed. Annotative wall hatch has undergone changes to be displayed properly inside the Xref attachment in another drawing. Wall dialog box size of Style Properties gets retained during subsequent launches. The performance during copy-paste process has been modified as well for multi-views blocks that contain classification definitions with subcategory names that have been duplicated. The performance during synchronization of project standards for projects stored in the network has undergone enhancements as well. Dynamic input prompt of polyline has been fixed to appear properly at all angles on the next point prompt. ready to propose you best price on Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2021!

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