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Windows Server 2022 Standard

Windows Server 2022 Standard

System Requirements:
  • Processor 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
    Compatible with x64 instruction set
    Supports NX and DEP
    Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW
    Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)
  • Memory The following are the estimated minimum RAM requirements for this product:

    512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
    ECC (Error Correcting Code) type or similar technology
  • Hard disk space The following are the estimated minimum disk space requirements for the system partition: 32 GB.
  • Additional requirements DVD drive (if you intend to install the operating system from DVD media)

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Windows Server 2022 Standard

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Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2022 is an enterprise-grade operating system that delivers hybrid cloud and data processing, as well as a new level of security and innovation for company applications and infrastructure.

At the core of the Windows Server 2022 operating system is the robust Windows Server 2022 platform. It provides many innovative capabilities to address three main areas: the Application Platform, Azure Hybrid Integration and Management, and Security.

Application platform

Several platform improvements have been made to Windows containers. Improved application compatibility and working with Windows containers using Kubernetes. The main improvement is a 40% reduction in the size of the Windows container image. This reduced startup time by 30% and increased productivity.


Advanced Layered Security in this software provides the comprehensive protection that servers currently require.

With the help of a built-in defender, the operating system automatically prevents the penetration of malware and virus programs. As far as administration is concerned, it can be performed without problems over the associated internal access, which is always available to the system. This technology, where HTTPS and TLS 1.3 are enabled by default, will not allow changing or altering the code, and shielded virtual machines will prevent interference, so cybercriminals will not be able to steal or copy information data.

A secure core server provides protection that prevents sophisticated attacks and can guarantee increased reliability when handling mission-critical data in some of the most data-sensitive industries.

Azure Hybrid Capabilities

Users can be more efficient and flexible with built-in hybrid capabilities in Windows Server 2022, which make it easier to expand their datacenters in Azure. Azure Arc-enabled servers running Windows Server 2022 migrate Windows on-premises and multi-cloud servers to Azure using Azure Arc. This management process is designed to consistently manage your own Azure VMs.

Purchasing Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard is the optimal solution for your business. This operating system is an excellent solution for any business, because absolutely all the necessary tools have been implemented in it in order to create a simple and at the same time effective server platform. Thanks to the OS, every business will be able to reach a new, increased level of security and use innovation to the fullest.

What are the benefits of Windows Server 2022 Standard?

This operating system works well with Windows 11. This software version is released through the Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC), which is available for download as an ISO disk image or VHDX file. Only OS (OSE) or virtual machines can operate in the Standard server. The OS has multi-layered protection against threats and other main advantages:

1. Increased efficiency of IT work.

With advanced Windows and Hyper-V containers and others, you can use your server efficiently and profitably. Each built-in disaster recovery tool will increase the availability of administration and employees to the server so that they can run smoothly. But regarding the updates to the cluster structure, it is being implemented smoothly. Also in the operating system it is possible to create a scalable storage (even more than one) for the safety of information data.

2. Advanced features for employees and remote workers.

Remote access is fully operational and configured in the system, so you can easily perform any operational functions, including accounting or other calculations. The full range of possibilities also includes permission to connect mobile devices. You can deploy the OS to a server, cloud storage, or hybrid environment.

3. Fully ready to work in the cloud.

Provided full access to the use of virtual machines and containers in order to increase the flexibility of the created infrastructure and the mobility of the team. The multi-client service combines the cloud and the server, thanks to which employees have access to all the tools and web resources, command line interfaces, which are needed precisely for easy server management.

Get the most out of Windows Server 2022

Advanced multilayer security

Elevate the security posture of your organization starting with the operating system.

Hybrid capabilities with Azure

Extend your datacenter to Azure ​for greater IT efficiency.

Flexible application platform

Empower developers and IT pros with an application platform to build and deploy diverse applications.

Unbeatable offers on Azure

See how your cost savings will add up on Azure with offers such as Azure Hybrid Benefit and Extended Security Updates.

Windows Server 2022 Standard Edition

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