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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2018

Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2018

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AutoCAD LT is a great development for specialists who are engaged in a two-dimensional design in the enterprise. Especially suitable for small organizations with limited budgetary capabilities.

The main advantage of LT version is that it has the same data format, user-friendly interface and many possibilities of AutoCAD, but AutoCAD LT price more affordable. This version of the program is lightweight, it is designed for implementation of work activities in individual mode. Program contains functions, parametric drawing, which allow to work exclusively with elements of set parameters.

The main goal of version LT – maintenance of activities in enterprise to design and detail various types of drawings. In this program there is a comprehensive system of features and functions required for two-dimensional design and drawing work, as well as release or change documentation for the project work. To perform functional tasks LT uses an improved format drawing file format DWG, which allows transfers of various finished projects to other facilities with similar engineering programs.

Such interface elements as a pointer, navigation bar and UCS are correctly displayed on monitors with high resolution (4K). Most dialog boxes, palettes, and toolbars are set up in accordance with resolution of the Windows screen. Due to operating system limitations, it is recommended to use Windows 10 and a video card that supports DirectX 11.

PDF files created from AutoCAD drawings with text SHX, store text as geometric objects. Transforms the geometry SHX back to text, which you can now use the most suitable font SHX. It is now possible to specify the same spacing.

Performance and hatch raised. Smoothing parameters and high-quality graphics on supported video cards can now be controlled independently from each other. The choice of objects outside screen is performed correctly in all cases. For the type of paths external links default now set to "Relative".

When correcting path for missing external reference you can now use this path for the rest of the missing referenced files. When you save the main drawing in new location, you will be prompted to update the relevant paths for external links. You can attach links with a relative path type for files without a name.

Update DWG format was aimed at improving efficiency of opening and saving files, especially drawings that contain many objects annotation and viewports. Besides, now you need to create 3D solids and surfaces in AutoCAD use new more secure and stable means of geometric modeling (ASM).

Autodesk is a leader in the production of this category of software products. From 2017 all products are distributed by subscription. Our store sells three-year subscriptions to the most favorable conditions (discount from 40 to 75%) for the buyer.

The full list of innovations can be found on official website of Autodesk.

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