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Siemens Solid Edge ST10

Siemens Solid Edge ST10

System Requirements:
  • Certified operating system Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional (64-bit only) with Service Pack1
    Windows 8.1 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only)
    Windows 10 Enterprise or Professional (64-bit only) version 1511 or later

    Windows Home and Windows RT are not supported
  • Recommended hardware configuration Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional (64-bit only) with Service Pack1
    8 GB RAM or more
    True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
    Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format

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Available: 50+

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Siemens Solid Edge ST10 is a widely used industrial system that combines design process control with CAD functions. Solid Edge provides users with scalable design data management solutions and collaboration tools. Solid Edge modeling tools let you create designs ranging from single parts to assemblies with 1000s of components.

Order Siemens Solid Edge ST10 at the lowest price and get professional software that includes design data management and improvements in finite element analysis. Now check out the innovations of this version of the program.

New features of Solid Edge ST10:

Unified modeling

That means the amalgamation of some technologies. These technologies are:
  • Facet Modeling - allows you to use facet models as solid

  • Reverse Engineering - Getting Traditional Boundary Representation from a Faceted Model

  • Generative modeling - the reverse process of finite element engineering analysis to create optimal mesh geometry based on input constraints

Here are some examples of data you can now work with: STL - 3D scan data, JT files, models from Zbrush, Mudbox, 3DSmax, modo and thousands of other tools for working with mesh surfaces. medicine - CT and MRI data; virtual and augmented reality models - in general, everything that can be saved in a suitable format.

Part Modeling Improvements

A command has been added for scaling solids, which allows you to use any positive factors (without the restrictions inherent in some other CAD). Scaling from the origin is possible. There is also the possibility of an uneven scale. Multiple bodies can be selected.


If you change the standard, it searches for the closest equivalent in the new standard. There is also a tool for finding and reporting errors in the hole database.


The Draw command allows touchscreen users to draw by hand and translate what they have drawn into sketch elements, similar to a Catchbook.

The Simple alignment command in 3D sketch automatically creates point-to-point alignments. The 3D sketching functionality for path construction has been improved, including with the addition of the Split command.


Many users are interested in installing the multilingual version. Now you can easily change the language using the regional settings in the Windows Control Panel, without having to uninstall / reinstall Solid Edge.


In ST10 it will be possible to install HTML Help locally or on a server.

The Help home page has also been updated to include links to documentation, training resources, and a number of installation and integration guides for Solid Edge, Share Point, Insight, Teamcenter, and standard parts. This will make it easier for administrators to find the information they need.

Data management

There are many data management improvements as well, in addition to the things that were introduced in ST9. For example, the Project Browser now recognizes standard parts. The Data Management tab now has a Revisions command that allows you to access all revisions of a single file. ST10 can automatically assign file names based on document numbers. The Find Duplicates command has appeared. So even built-in data management is gaining ground.

ST10 also introduces new data management features related to drawings. First, the Open Drawing command on the Data Management tab, which opens the drawing of the active part or assembly. The automatic creation of a copy of a drawing using the Save As and Replace with a Copy commands has become very convenient.


For 3D printing, you can export a part, assembly, or sheet metal to the new 3MF format. Also improved export to JT and STL formats.

You can now import faceted models into a synchronous environment from IFC, STEP, JT and STL, and export meshes to 3MF, JT, STL, and IFC.


Free Solid Edge 2D Drafting can now run as a data viewer from "full" Solid Edge. No license required.

3D printing

In Windows 10, you can send to print directly from your desktop. There is also a portal for the 3D printing ordering service. The 3MF 3D printing format is now available for export.

Improvements in drawings

  • Overriding data in cells with attribute links

  • Updating PMI in Drawing Views

  • Hole table improvements

  • Detail scale interface improvements

  • New annotation attribute for cut length

  • Precise table placement

  • Undo now works for drawing views

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