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Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack

Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack

System Requirements:
  • Element 3D Version 2
  • Element 3D Version 2

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Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack

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Make Objects Look Amazing!

Working in the area of image editing or motion design, you know the significance of plug-ins in your everyday work. Now, you have an exceptional opportunity to obtain cheap Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack. Now, this suite of models is presented for sale at the best price ever. This is your chance to get a professional tool for your everyday work with a great discount.

Video Copilot is the best world-known company, specializing in creating tools for people, whose everyday work is related to motion design and visual effects. Video Copilot Pro Shaders comprises a number of materials, allowing you to create really amazing surfaces. There are 20 basing materials that come with the element. Just select an object you need to edit and apply these materials as you wish. Besides, there are a number of advanced materials that are subdivided into 9 categories. All of them allow you to create really cool looking surfaces or forms.

This suite of models opens you a lot of possibilities, especially if your task is to work with motion graphics or titles. Besides, you can easily play with brightness, determine the specular color, shininess or reflection. You can easily change the surface and texture. You are free to create concrete, ice, illuminated, metal or glass surfaces within several clicks. In fact, this suite comprises more than 200 advanced materials that can really simplify the work of designers.

All textures are highly detailed – this option allows you to determine whether you select a correct texture or not within the process of editing.

Most of the shaders are customizable. It means that the users can select the form, color and textures as they wish.

Discounted Video Copilot Pro Shader is your chance to become the owner of an incredible set of models at the best price. This set of more than 200 advanced materials will substitute a number of tools you used before.

During the process of work over one or another object, you can easily change the environment. When you do this, the whole look of the image will change automatically. Every change you make can be viewed in detail for you to make sure whether you made the right choice.

With cheap Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack your work with 3D objects will be easier and more effective. The developers have thought through every detail, so all users will surely remain satisfied with the results of their work.

If you work with 3D objects and want to vary and speed up your working process, discounted Video Copilot Pro Shaders Pack is what you really need. You will spend less time on your projects and the result will amaze you for sure.

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